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Communication update.

Hello 👋 how are you? 🤔

At Lerryn school, I believe, all parents, carers, colleagues and pupils matter.

I also believe during my 3 years as Head, I have enabled our small family school to remain exactly that. A family school.

It may have its ups and downs, but as with any family it remains committed to the welfare of connectedness of one another.

So whilst the school has been closed to visitors.

The opportunities remain the same regarding contact and open communication.

In fact they have increased.

As a pupil, they can use Class dojo to upload their adventures directly to their class teacher for feedback.

Families can use the closed Facebook site to upload tips, ideas and ask questions.

I also use this site to do the same.

Some families use the Facebook direct messenger to ask questions. This is usually answered, although not always during school hours.

I personally choose to respond to messages as and when I can and that sometimes includes evening and weekends.

Email: will get you most general questions answered. It is also an address to use for specific questions relating to pupils. will get response regarding class 2 pupils. will get class 1 and Nursery plus general queries.

01208872620 during 8:45-2:30 is our immediate place to go for a quick response.


Teachers are here to talk. On the playground or on site if you require.


Zoom and Teams online is also a place we can meet.


A school newsletter is published and the website updated.


During this half term, a parent forum will be set, a place where you can ask immediate questions. I will also be laying out the road map for the next year ahead.

This will include a range of topics from testing, school uniform, swimming provision, summer camp and other areas.

We will also have a parents evening to discuss where we see your child's academic level. Plus what we are doing to support and how your part in that support matters.


I end this communication, in the place it started.

All parents, carers, colleagues and pupils matter.

It's good to talk.


Stay safe and stay well.

Mr B😎