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Maths progression

Which one are you? Are you all?

We use a variety of ways to teach maths at Lerryn School.

We provided regular testing to identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses this informs the teacher assessment and enables those gaps to be closed.

We use a programme called Sum Dog – this diagnostic tool involves games that develop reasoning and understanding as well as tests and topic based maths challenges. This can also be accessed at home as homework.

Practical application- we use, when possible cooking, P.E., Science and other areas of education to reinforce a love and understanding of the practical applications of maths.

Small group work- children can work at their own level within a group and so children are able to access higher level maths when they feel confident too.

Whole class teaching- this enables children to focus on an area of maths and then set off on challenges relating to the days focus.

If you have any queries or would like to know how to help your child at home- then please ask your class teacher.