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Florian Project 2019-2020


Haydn piece of music to study

1 of the pieces to build a dance towards

Music animals from the florian project animal sounds


Florian Quartet Chicken_1.mp3

Florian Quartet_1.mp3

Florian Quartet Elephant_1.mp3

Story map linked to the dance for the Florian project 2020

Follow-up Work for main piece


The main things are to:

  1. Listen to the piece a LOT. This can be just a few minutes here and there, coming into class, as a break between activities etc. They need to really know everything that happens in it off by heart!

  2. Revise the story in any way you can. We are working on sending you time stamps for the recordings to help you with this but they are taking a surprisingly long time to do. We will have them with you next week.

  3. Try to start thinking about ways that the children can move or put actions to their stories. We will be working with them on this but if you have already started this process that would be very helpful.



  • Creative writing task: write out the story so far. We would like to put a written version of each story in the program that everyone in the audience will be able to read, so you could pick the best one for that as an incentive for them!

  • Tableau/ freeze frames for each bit of the story. Divide them up into groups and get them to choose a freeze frame for each bit of the story. They could portray the characters or the scene or the emotions. Just anything to get them as freed up and engaged as possible with looking silly is ideal!

  • Check out any Dalcroze games on youtube. They are really useful for getting children to use movement to represent music.

  • Get creative! You know better than us what your class is capable of, and we would love to see what they can come up with!




Follow-up work for Art


This piece is called Valencia by Caroline Shaw. (on a side note she won the Pulitzer prize for another piece of music for choir called Partita which is awesome! Here is a link: It's long but you could even just play them a few minutes of it because they won't have heard anything like it before!)


Back on topic, we want the children to be as creative as possible with these artworks. I would recommend listening to the music a couple of times with their sketches, and letting them think about what they might want to do for their piece of art. This is also something that ks1 can get involved with as well.


We want them to represent the music as much as possible - I loved all of the abstract shape stuff they were doing. I would try to gently steer them away from doing pictures of actual things, but if they really want to then that’s fine. The best pieces of art that most clearly resemble the music will be chosen to be exhibited at Sterts, and we would like all of the artwork to be part of the final concert. 


Things to consider:

  • Medium: any medium is fine! Paint, 3D models, glitter, textures, craft stuff all very much welcomed!

  • This is only one part of the whole piece. We will be playing the other part in the next session. They are welcome to do two separate pieces of artwork that are unrelated, but if they want to link them up, that can also be an option (eg a very long piece of art that is stuck together).

Links to recordings
Haydn Movement 4: