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Emergency School Closure

Policy for Emergency School Closure

As we enter the period where the likelihood of extremely adverse weather increases, there is always the possibility that the school may need to close due to severe weather (eg snow ) or premises problems (eg loss of heating, loss of power).

It is therefore important that I remind you of the procedure for closing the school. I am not expecting this to happen and very much hope that we do not need to do so.  

In the unlikely event of storm damage or bad weather (snow) forcing the school to close, the following procedure will be taken:

1 Closure before school begins (ie overnight or before 8 am): Information will be broadcast on Radio Cornwall, Pirate FM, and Heart FM. Our website will be updated as soon as possible.  A text and Class Dojo message will also be sent out to all parents.   In the case that pupils arrive at school, parents/carers will be informed as soon as possible and the pupil looked after until they are safely collected.

2 Closure during the school day: Messages will go out on local radio and on the school website. A text and Class Dojo, or closed group Facebook message will also be sent out to all parents.  Parents will then be asked to collect their children as soon as possible.  All pupils will be safely cared for until the parent/carer can collect them. 

Thank you for your support with this.

The safety and well-being of our students will be the first priority in all decisions on school closure.

Term Dates & Inset Days

School Closure Procedure

School starts at 9.00am.

All children are welcome to come into school from 8.45am to take part in provided activity. This may be changing a reading book, working on SumDog, completing marking pointers from the day before, working through spellings or times tables - or any other short task as set by the class teacher.

Parents are welcome to come in to talk to teachers during this time and come into the classes to see what work is going on.

​School lunches can be booked on entry to the school

Collective Worship is held at 1pm  every day.

Collective Worship is held in our school hall. Every two weeks we have a visit from Revd Paul Beynon. Our other acts of Collective Worship include: whole school worship; class worship ; singing worship and celebration worship which is every Friday. Parents are most welcome to join us for this CW.

Break time is 10.30 - 10.45am

Literacy and Maths lessons are in the mornings before and after break - except if the school goes swimming.

Lunchtime is at 12.00 for children in Nursery, Reception,Years 1 and 2.

Lunchtime is at 12.15 for children in Year 3,4,5 and 6.

Everyone returns to their classes for a 1.00pm start.

The afternoons are a mixture of different lessons - art, ICT, Science, swimming, topic, music - all sorts of curriculum areas. 

School finishes at 3.15pm.

Family worship is on a Friday afternoon at 2.45 pm. Please come and join us. 


A range of after school clubs take place every term, led by school staff or other specialist providers.

We also have our own breakfast club and after school provision, proving 'wrap around care' from 8.00 until 5.30pm.

If you are unable to find information that you need on our website- please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Lerryn School Team Kit


Uniform can be ordered directly from Wovina.

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