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Class 2

Autumn Term 1    2020


Join the Circus


We will be reading a range of circus based stories, interpreting the lyrics from 'The Greatest Showman' and producing our own circus show!

We are learning about...



Reading will be a strong focus for us this term You can support your child by listening to them read each night for at least 10 minutes. The children can earn reading bands as part of our reading karate scheme.


We will be looking at our spelling, punctuation and grammar alongside a weekly Big Write. Children will have a list of 10 spellings sent home each week in their homework books. The spelling test is every Tuesday.



We will be focusing on number for the Autumn term. Children will work on becoming secure in their understanding of place value and the four operations.


All children have access to SumDog - our online maths platform. Their login codes are in their homework books. We hope that children will complete about 30 minutes at home each week.


RE - Judaism. We created our own Sukkahs


Which solids dissolve in water?

Spring Term


The second half of the Spring Term will be an adventure with dinosaurs! We will be exploring habitats, adaptations and the lives of these prehistoric beasts. 

Spring 2 Bubble Planner

Spring 1

The Roman Empire

Welcome to the Roman Empire! 


This half term we will be exploring an ancient civilisation through story, art and drama. In science, we will be investigating forces through a range of fun experiments. Alongside this will be the usual maths, English and reading (5 x a week please). Don't forget swimming and tennis every Wednesday!

Exploring friction in science

making Roman inspired pottery

We are reading...

We loved our first tennis session!

Autumn Term 2
Hello Class 2! We hope you all had a lovely half term break. This term our topic is climate change and we will be exploring this important issue and investigating some of the science behind it. We hope you are reading five times a week and have a range of fun new books in the library for you to look at. In addition, we will be reading some books as a class, see below:

Trip to the recycling centre - thanks Suez!

Squashbox Theatre

Class 2 enjoying classical music live!

Who built the most efficient solar panel?

Remembrance Service in Lerryn Village

Welcome back to a new year in Class 2. Miss Moore and Mrs Trott are excited to teach you again this year!

We will be studying Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and learning where chocolate really comes from!

Maths Mastery

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Maths is being taught through a new scheme: Power Maths. Check out our calculation policies to see how you can support your child's learning.

STEM in Class 2: every Friday

We found out chocolate comes from Africa - see what else we learnt about Africa...

How is a continent different from a country? We found out the fun way!

Welcome to the summer term in Class 2. This term our topic will be the Victorians as we become historical researchers to see what we can learn from the past.

Class 2 curriculum summer 2

Making observations of flowers and pollinators.

Testing materials for different properties

Cooking using an old Victorian recipe.

Welcome back to Lerryn School for another full half term. Our new topic is:


Harry Potter


We will also continue to improve our maths skills, learning new strategies to problem solve, practise our reading and in science we will be looking at animals through evolution and inheritance. 

Meeting Paul Sturgess, the tallest man in Britain!

Our maths this term is very active!

Welcome back Class 2!


This term our topic is SPACE. We will be discovering how the planets travel around the sun and making rockets of our own. In literacy we will be looking at science fiction and writing our own intergalactic adventures.

Dance 2019

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Journey through the galaxy and beyond....

We are reading:

Creating papier mache planets as we learn how they orbit around the sun.

We had our dragon stories judged by a real author!

5..4...3...2...1......Blast off!

Historic Cornwall


This half term we will be discovering about the history of Cornwall.


Science Week! Kaleidoscope fun.

Class 2 have been mining for tin.

Some children have worked hard, in their spare time, to make powerpoint presentations. Today they presented them to the whole shcool in assembly.

Down on the Farm


This half term we are down on the farm! We will be discussing all things associated with agriculture, the environment and the local community.


We will be reading Charlotte's Web and writing our own friendship stories, newspaper reports and more.

Gymnastic Routines

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What happens to sound over distance?

Searching for Charlotte's web in the woods.

Harvest experience at St Veep

How does sound travel?

Farm Roadshow!

Please remember your sun hats and sun cream :)
Welcome back to a busy summer term. We will be preparing for our production of Peter Pan as well as improving our writing and practicing our maths and reading. 

Scientific diagrams can be fun!

What is inside a flower? Class 2 investigates...

Class 2 are back in the Stone Age with the film 'Early Man'.

Making Movies

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What kind of materials conduct electricity? Class 2 investigates....

Where does electricity come from? We investigated the power of water as a source of renewable energy.

zip wire.

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Ashburton Final Morning-Best nights sleep ever!-Zip wires- Zorbs and more rafts. Plus very tired and sun blessed children.

Ashburton day 2- Glorious sunshine- big breakfast- Kayaks and rafting- followed by High ropes and late night adventures.

Ashburton Camp Day 1- glorious sunshine and food! River tunnels and low ropes. Den building and fires. Activities till 9:20pm and then off to sleep in our super dorms.

Stop motion animation

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Stop motion animation

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Stop motion animation

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Still image for this video

Stop motion animation

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Stop motion animation

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Stop motion animation

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Class 2 are looking at habitats this half term.

Science Week Investigation

On Thursday we went to Ethy Woods to plants trees and investigate habitats. The view was amazing and we all had a lot of fun!

Some of Class 2 have been making habitat boxes to show how animals in different environments live.

Class 2 completed a bird survey: comparing a river habitat, woodland and school.

Internet Safety Week.

We have been looking at the issues surrounding the internet. Amy brought in a fantastic poster on Wednesday. All children worked with Mr Hill, our ICT specialist, to use the green screen and animation. They had a fantastic time using technology safely.

Computing fun with Mr Hill

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Computing fun with Mr Hill

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Computing fun with Mr Hill

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Computing fun with Mr Hill

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Computing fun with Mr Hill

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We made some videos using our IPADS.

Week beginning 5th February:

SATS mocks for Year 6 and some Year 5. Make sure you are in school on time and ready to start.    :)

We have a fantastic netball team: good luck in the tournament!

Performing Poetry - Class 2 thought about what makes a good performance. The result was an engaging and dramatic production of poetry.

Do gases weigh anything? Class 2 found out the weight of carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks. Some were more fizzy than others...!

Remember your PE kits. This term we are working on our gymnastics skills. We have thought about the value of trust and used this to help us work together on our balances.