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Children's responses to being outside.

Feb into March -Living, dead and never lived.

September and October 2019- Materials, Harvest collections, trust games and camoflague.

June july

Spring adventures.

October rambles with spider webs and climbing frames.

February fun

January Joy.

new building for a new future

December brings fake snow but real frost and a new building

November brings air raid shelters. balances and habitats hunting.

Sept/Oct adventures

July fountain fun

Restormel Adventures

June brings joy with habitats and all living things.

Wallaby hunting. raft floating, fish making outdoor fun.

transporting water across the playground

Still image for this video
Children tried to transport water across the playground- losing as little as possible.

Half way through May- time to test the water.

wobbly bridge, seed dispersal, leaf identification and ducklings.

May spring be with you... collages- leaf spotting- flowers- team building and seed dispersal

Nearly April and time for some weaving, hitches and muddy construction.

Summer 1 planning

Comic Relief ramble through to Ethy .

Marching into April with fires- team building and drizzle.

Feb into March- dens, dragons, knots and Spring weather.

January fun in the frost. Frost painting, den building, teamwork and birdfeeding. Never mind the weather!

Using cutters to make Christmas trees.

Tivolli Woods- making bridges, hunting for acorns, outdoor P.E. and frost angels.

Cardinham with Badger Forest School

Calling Claire at Cardinham

Children stood on the trail and called Claire from across the valley.

Fantastic fundraising, Children in Need Ramble.

November Botelet Farm trip- making Stick Man, discovering habitats, using a UV paint and making lifelong friends.

After school Club- outdoor adventures- orienteering and backwards cooking challenge

Making links outdoors- the children share their knowledge of counting, storytelling and teamwork both outdoors and in.

Using the outdoors indoors! We are trying to make Linking our learning a natural and normal opportunity.

How did you make that Dinosaur?

How did you make that dinosaur?

A child responds to the question and the image is linked- this shows perfectly what we as adults see is not necessarily what children see. The child was asked to make some natural art that could be cleared away at the end of a LOL session.

Children used BLP to design a vehicle to carry tarpaulins and resources to Lerryn Woods.

After a woodland treasure hunt. Children used their images to identify man made and natural objects found in the woods.

Using the outdoors as a natural Gym.

Poem linked to a walk round Lerryn Village by a year 2 child.

Childrens art and writing linked to outdoor activities including view finding, poetry and harvest.